Getting Into Med School Just Got Easier With MCAT Prep by MedSchoolCoach
September 16, 2020

After two years of research and development, the team at MedSchoolCoach launched MCAT Prep – the most advanced mobile app for MCAT studying to ever hit the app store.

Take MCAT Studying on the Go – All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

MCAT Prep by MedSchoolCoach prepares pre-med students for the most important exam of their lives.

Applying to medical school is very competitive with an acceptance rate of only about 40%. In stark contrast, students who enroll in tutoring from MedSchoolCoach are accepted with a 92% rate. MCAT Prep attempts to bridge the gap between these two acceptance rates for students who use its tools and study resources.

Where a private tutor can be costly, MCAT Prep makes tutoring accessible to the masses.

According to the AAMC, about 70,000 pre-med students take the MCAT exam each year. In the last three months, more than 15,000 pre-med students have downloaded MCAT Prep – that’s more that 21% of all prospective MCAT exam takers for the year. Don’t get left behind!

Get an Edge on the Medical School Competition

MCAT Prep by MedSchoolCoach took years of dedication and hard work to develop. Ken Tao, a national authority on the MCAT, dedicated hundreds of hours to create this MCAT course.

MCAT Prep is the only all-encompassing study solution built specifically for the MCAT, containing more than 250 high-quality MCAT videos, an MCAT study plan, flashcards and questions – all in one place. Plus, with MCAT Prep, students don’t have to turn anywhere else beyond the app and official AAMC practice questions for their study needs.

Within the course, each video is focused on a high-yield MCAT topic in a format that is digestible and understandable. Most of the videos are shorter than 10 minutes, which allow students to comprehend the material. This knowledge is then reinforced with questions and flashcards.

Between classes, extracurriculars, volunteering, jobs and family, it is challenging for premed students to find dedicated study time each day. MCAT Prep by MedSchoolCoach was created as a mobile app for this exact reason.

Download MCAT Prep and Prepare to Raise Your Score

MCAT Prep helps premed students prepare so they can boost their exam score and be more likely to fulfil their dream as a physician. What are you waiting for?

Download MCAT Prep by MedSchoolCoach on your iPhone, iPad or Android device today!