How do I get more information about AED at UMICH?

Prospective members are encouraged to attend all of the information events at the start of the school year. This includes the mass meeting, the barbecue, and the speed dating events. We also will have a booth at Festifall with current board members and general members to answer any questions. Refer to our calendar for more information about these events.

If needed, contact the current rush chair for more information.

What are the pledge requirements?

Please refer to our requirements page here.

I am a prospective pledge, who should I contact?

All prospective pledges should attend the informative meetings at the beginning of the school year. You will have a chance to address any questions during the meetings. Refer to our calendar page for more information.

What are the fees associated with joining AED?

There is no cost to apply to AED.


  • Prospective Members/Pledges
    • Applicants who are accepted into the years pledge class are required to pay a $75 Pledge initiation fee.
  • Members
    • Members who have completed their pledge year are required to pay a $25 members fee.
What opportunities will I be guaranteed in joining AED?

We strive to give our members the greatest amount of resources to excel in their academic and professional careers.

Here are some of the many opportunities available to our members:

  • Shadowing
  • Academic Journal Clubs
  • Community service
  • Weekly guest speakers
  • Research/Internship Opportunities
  • Social events
I am a freshman, can I still join AED?

Freshman apply to become freshman associates. Freshman associates are honorary participants in the organization and are given the same opportunities as the regular pledge class, however they must re-apply and re-rush the upcoming year.

Who can run for a board position?

The core executive board and chair positions are available to pledges on-route to be inducted (near completion of their pledge year) and existing members/board members of AED.