Rush 2019

Rush Information 2019
Alpha Epsilon Delta is the university’s oldest pre-professional health society (with over 20 years on campus) and creates a tight-knit family environment for its members. AED has a huge alumni network; ranging from University of Michigan AED alum at Harvard Medical School, University of Michigan Dental School, practicing physicians, PAs, dentists, pharmacists, nurses and more. AED is a community that supports each other in reaching professional and personal goals. 
AED only accepts new members once a year, in the Fall, to ensure that all new members have an entire year to become comfortable and join the AED family. We hope to see you during our Fall 2019 Rush Season!
Any questions or concerns (on what AED is, what AED can provide you, or any specifics) may be directed to our Rush Chair, Emily Lerner ( 
Requirements to Rush AED:
– Be a current Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor 
– Plan to enter the healthcare field (Pre-Med, Pre-PA, Pre-Dent, Pre-Vet, Nursing, Pre-Pharm, etc.)
– Have a minimum overall GPA of 3.3, and a Math/Science GPA of 3.2 (see Math Science GPA Calculator
– Plan to not be going abroad for the 2019 school year (Fall and Winter semesters) 
– Complete and submit an application 
Rush applications are due 9/14/19 at 5:30PM sharp: Rush Application Link
Fill out this form if you would like to be added to the Rush 2019 AED email list: AED Email list link 
Rush Schedule 2019
Open Rush Events
Mass Meetings
What? Mass Meetings are your chance to get to know what AED is all about! During mass meetings we will go through information on what AED is, what resources AED can provide you, and why all of our members love it so much. After the presentation, you will have a chance to talk to our members and ask any remaining questions you have! 
When/Where? You have two chances to join us at a mass meeting, but please come to only one as the information will be exactly the same at both! 
Monday 9/9 at 7PM CHEM 1210 OR
Tuesday 9/10 at 7PM CHEM 1210
What do I wear? Wear anything you are comfortable in! 
AED Meet and Greet 
What? Meet and Greet is a casual event where you can get to know the goofy members of AED, and where we can start to get to know you! This is a fun event with snacks, music, and lots of good conversation!
When/Where? 828 Brookwood Pl
Friday, 9/13/19
6:30-8PM Sophomores and Juniors
8PM-9:30PM Freshmen and Transfers
*NOTE* If you cannot make your time slot, please email Rush Chair, Emily Lerner ( and we will make something work!
What do I wear? Wear anything you are comfortable in!
Speed Dating
What? Speed Dating is a fun way for our members to get to know you better! During this event, you will only talk to 3 members of AED and they will ask you some fun questions – don’t stress at all, just come as yourself. Please note, by the end of this event your application is due (at 5:30PM). 
When/Where? Psych Atrium in East Hall
Saturday, 9/14
2:30PM-5:30PM, this is an open house event! Again, you will only be talking to 3 members so it should only take around 30 minutes! Please do not all come at 2:30PM.
What do I wear? Wear anything you are comfortable in!
Application Submission 
Applications are due on Saturday, 9/14 at5:30PM sharp! They can be found at the link above, or this link here, and are required to be considered for a bid in Alpha Epsilon Delta.  
Invite Only Rush Events
What? Interviews are our chance to get to know you in a professional setting! There will be a professional interview portion, a social/fun portion, and a portion focused on teamwork with your fellow rushees. 
When/Where? Tuesday and Wednesday, 9/17 or 9/18
30 minutes from 5PM-10PM
If you are invited to join us for Interviews, details will be provided.
What do I wear? Business Professional Attire.
OPTIONAL: Service/Wellness Event with AED
What? This is an optional event that shows you just a small piece of who we are as AED! This event will be both service (AED’s 3rd annual card making for patients in local hospitals) and a wellness craft to de-stress from school!
When/Where? Sunday, 9/22 5PM-7PM
If you are invited to join us for the Service/Wellness event, details will be provided.
What do I wear? Wear anything you are comfortable in!
Pizza Night
What? Pizza Night is an invite-only event. This is another chance for you to get to know the members of AED better in a casual setting after interviews. There will be lots of pizza, so come hungry! 
When/Where? Tuesday, 9/24 7:30-9:30PM
If you are invited to join us for Pizza Night, details will be provided. 
What do I wear? Wear anything you are comfortable in!
Bid Night
Please keep the night of Friday, September 27th free.